Sunday, August 3, 2014

3 Things Every New Parent Wants to Foster

When I was pregnant with my first, I distinctly remember wishing to raise an independent child. It's funny how things change when you go about your new parent journey. Not too long after the birth of my daughter I was introduced to the notion of Attachment Parenting. This parenting practice advocates for not rushing independence in our young, but rather fostering attachment that strengthens child-parent bonding. Once you have your baby put into your arms that maternal instinct kicks in and clearly bonding becomes priority number one. There are many practices that can help you increase your bonding experience with your baby, and baby sign language just so happens to be one of them. When communicating via sign language eye contact is facilitated naturally with an infant, aiding in that bonding experience.

If you've ever heard the phrase "You are your child's first teacher" it is a true statement and the most important thing I think we can teach our children is an affinity for learning new things. Kids who love learning will do well with their studies and find ways to make learning fun. They seem to know intuitively to follow their innate interests and will be happier in their chosen field of work. Babies are eager to communicate and it is a pretty significant part of what they work on learning in those first few years. Baby sign language will help you facilitate a love of learning when they begin to master communication earlier and at an accelerated pace. 

Sometimes as parents we will intentionally lose so our child can build confidence in the new board game being played. Letting them know that they CAN DO something will lead to budding confidence. A confident child will be a happy child. Providing a way to be understood through sign language when they don't yet have the words to express their thoughts builds a baby's confidence. Being understood gives a baby a big confidence boost! Not only in their ability to communicate but it transcends into exploring and creating and a sense of independence.... that thing I wished for when I was first learned I was pregnant with my first child. 

Signing with your baby has many benefits, including the ability to facilitate the 3 things that new parents want to foster in their children. That early bonding through sign language leads way to learning to communicate and then paves the way for confidence. 

Joann Woolley is owner and instructor of Sign4Baby in San Diego teaching parents how to communicate with their pre-verbal baby using American Sign Language. With her in depth knowledge of ASL as her first language she takes you beyond just the basics in signing, also filling your parenting tool belt with parenting tips and tricks coupled with signing as a great boundary teaching tool for toddlers. Want to know which signs most parents start with but gets them stuck in the mud? I'll send you that hundred dollar tip for FREE.


  1. Hmm, I am not sure if my comment got killed. Anyway, we learned some basic sign language when my younger son was a baby, as he had speech delays. It worked really well for him.

    1. I love hearing from parents who have used baby sign language and how it has helped them!

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