Friday, April 16, 2010

Hullabaloo was a hit as usual!

We've been making it to the Hullabaloo concert at Kennsington Library 3 months in a row now and it is always fun! Today I saw some moms I haven't seen in awhile and new babies joining our playgroup too. I kinda snuck up to the front when Owen wasn't paying attention because I love to sign "Little Bird" but then he got sad and came looking for me. Every time he went down the slide he clapped for himself and looked around to see who else would cheer him on. When his two top teeth first came through and it looked like he might have a gap I was bummed, but now I think it makes his smile that much more contagious. He'd sorta lay at the end of the slide with the sun in his eye and have this incredible squinty grin like he'd rather be doing nothing else. What is sweeter than that?


  1. I LOVE that all that was going on while the rest of us just enjoyed Steve's singing and your signing. I am always amazed at a mother's capacity to multi-task. I think today you win the award :)

    p.s. Ezra had a gap that we thought would stick forever, but alas it is gone now...just as we had hoped it would stay!

  2. Thanks Andrea! I always tell my kids I'm not good at multi-tasking, perhaps I only perform well for others ; )