Tuesday, January 1, 2013

7 ways we communicate non-verbally

In the event that any parents are wondering whether signing is worthy of their time and effort (since there's already so much to learn on the parenting rollercoaster) here are a few examples of ways we already communicate non-verbally.

1. Waving: we wave hi and bye whether you're trying to teach your baby to sign or not.

2. Playing peek-a-boo: a favorite amongst babies as they learn object permanence.

3. Clapping hands: a way to cheer on our littles when they master a new skill, do something cute, or demonstrate understanding.

4. Pointing: trying to get something we want to showing someone "look."

5. Blowing kisses and giving hugs: expressions of our love without saying a word.

6. Making faces: sometimes your look says it all!

7. Dancing: one of the best expressions of oneself, especially uninhibited children.

Babies want to express themselves as much as we do. Signing gives them the ability to help us help them. It feels great to be understood, to have validation that we are "heard" and it is no different for babies. The look on their face when they see you understand them or when they get to interject in a conversation is worth all the energy, time and money you may spend on creating this early communication bond through baby sign language.

Joann Woolley is owner and instructor of Sign4Baby in San Diego teaching parents how to communicate with their pre-verbal baby using American Sign Language. With her in depth knowledge of ASL as her first language she takes you beyond just the basics in signing, also filling your parenting tool belt with parenting tips and tricks coupled with signing as a great boundary teaching tool for toddlers. Want to know which signs most parents start with but gets them stuck in the mud? I'll send you that hundred dollar tip for FREE.

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