Monday, April 25, 2011

Consignment is the New Nordy's

I'm serious. I overhear moms all the time now talking about how they scored a great deal on a gently used Easter dress or found someone with the same cute shoe habit for their little girl. In the past economy (let me emphasize past, because truly it is behind us - home prices went up 11% last month) we all learned how to stretch our dollars and that learning is going to stick with us. If you have yet to hit up the biggest and best consignment sale by Trunk Treasures you could be missing out - on some serious cash!

I once bought Kyle this awesome Hurley tshirt with cool studded pocket jeans on consignment. I never would have paid regular price for this awesome outfit that fit his personality to the tee. Every time I dressed him in that 18 month outfit I would smile with pride at how little it had cost me and how friggin' cute it was on him!

That is why I want you to know about Trunk Treasures whether you're there to shop or sell. This event is so big it is a 6 day affair. How's that for serious bargain shopping? View the entire schedule here. What's great for you is the registration for consignors has been extended to this Friday April 29 and there's an especially great bonus - consignors get to attend the presale which means you get first dibs! This is where to look to determine if you have stuff worthy of being in this high end consignment sale. A freind of mine was telling me she knows moms who have made $600 by unloading all their childrens outgrown clothes and toys. Imagine what kind of summer fun you can have with that kind of cash! Go ahead, I'll bet it will take you less than an hour to go through your drawers and closets to gather up what you don't use anymore but is in great condition and ready to be loved by the next family.

Now, I know a lot of us moms are great about passing stuff on to our friends, that's all fine and dandy, but believe me no one is going to be bitter if you decide reselling is the best way to help you pay for the next full year of clothing - and by the way all things that do not sell and are not picked up by consignors on the last day are donated to charity - so you're still helping others!

If you have young ones, this is a great lesson in money management to teach them. Remember lessons are best taught by example rather than by words.

New Consignors Registration Be sure to tell Stacy that Sign4Baby sent you ; ) Enjoy saving and selling!

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